Living without meds

Because a pill can't solve everything

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You can't turn on the TV anymore without seeing commercials for some sort of medication. These drugs are marketed as cures for depression, hyperactivity, bipolar disorder, whatever - all with the obligatory side effects, mood swings, and other possible risks to your health.

This community is primarily for people who prefer to steer clear of psychological drugs prescribed for mental disorders, for whatever reason. If you've been diagnosed with a psychological disorder yet do not wish to take meds, this community is for you. If you feel that society in general relies too much on these sorts of pills to solve every little problem, this community is for you, too. Everyone is welcome in this community, even if you are taking meds, as long as you can be respectful to those of us who are not taking them.

This community is intended to show that even though people may have a disorder or condition, that does not mean they are crazy or in need of medication. We are people who want to live our lives to the best of our ability, without mood- and mind-altering medication.

Please note: This is not necessarily an anti-psychiatry community. Both pro- and anti-psychiatry related posts are allowed, and any viewpoint in between. Also, this is not a scientology community, although the subject may come up in discussion from time to time.

Community Rules:
1. Do NOT harass another member about their mental health or stability. There is nothing wrong with a good debate, but flame wars and rude comments are not allowed.
2. That being said, this is not a place to post suicide letters or ask for a diagnosis. You are free to post your experiences and feelings, but please keep in mind that this is not a therapist's office, and we are not here to diagnose you.
3. If you are posting something you think will be triggering, please put it under an LJ-cut. Furthermore, if you think something will be triggering to you, don't read it, and certainly don't harass whoever posted it to take it down.
4. You may advertise your community here as long as it's on-topic (i.e. - related to psychology, mental heath, etc.)
5. Please stay on topic. Your posts do not have to pertain to meds/anti-meds, but please make them somehow mental health-related. In other words, DON'T SPAM.

Those failing to comply with community rules will be dealt with accordingly. Feel free to post as often as you'd like so we can keep this community active.

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