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conquring anxiety

excuse the spelling.

Anyway, i'm starting to realize i have more than a few issues with angziety. Has anyone found a good way to deal with it without taking meds?
it will be over stupid shit ususallly but i can't get my brain/psychie to settle.
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are you having anxiety attacks? i have found some of the suggestions here to be useful for anxiety/panic attacks.
a good cry
a good cry in the hot bubble bath with candles and aromatherapy bath stuff
along walk daily
steam at the gym after a good workout
chamomile tea, a double chamomile tea
avoiding caffeine or cutting back
having a good friend hold me tight while I have a tantrum and/or cry or laugh hard without stopping until I'm done ...
cleaning up the house
taking a nap
going to bed early with magazines and/or favorite tv show
taking a hard look at my life and what is working and what really isn't
clean up any messes I've made or simply stop trying to make certain friendships work and change my phone numbers, close the drapes or some similar way of ending what is not "growing corn" anymore (anxiety often has an obvious cause.)
saying no
make a gratitude list and really add to it.

Hope any of this helps. I'm a high strung person and haven't used meds for over 17 years.

Oh yeah, meditation, yoga and Carlos Nakai "Migrations" CD. :)
thanks this actualy helps a ton. Gratitude list= good idea. I do yoga:)
I'd love to be added; I have the disorder, diagnosed 4 years ago and been a tough ride ever since...