Tessa (sunrise22) wrote in without_meds,

My intro to the group

Hi all!
I'm new to the group, I just joined yesterday.
My name's Tessa and I'm a 23 year old woman living in Pennsylvania. I joined this group because I've been having a sleep problem and I will most likely ask for advice on soon in the future.
I have a wide varity of interests including: writing, listening to all kinds of music, natural health, learning about different cultures, traveling, Japanese, discussing world events and many many more things.

I'll try and give any advice I can. I've taken far to many medications in my life and they really don't help me. All of the meds that I've tried for my depression (according to the doctors.) make me very sick. I feel very nausiated to the point where I can't function and have to lay down. I get all the known sidefects from the meds. I'll list the meds I've tried once I look them up because I don't know how to spell them. XD *laughs*

So yes, here's my intro. I hope to learn many new and interesting things from this group as well as help someone learn something as well.

Have a nice day,
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