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Need advice

I went to the emergency room on Friday after experiencing a mild psychotic episode. This had followed several days of not sleeping. The psychiatric community has tried to tell me I'm bipolar, but I really don't think I am. What happens to me is more related to sleep deprivation and is spiritual in nature. I think the name for it is "sleep induced psychosis" since I'm never really manic during these times of sleep deprivation - instead, I'm more focused on spiritual pursuits. And I don't have depressive episodes either, which also suggests I'm not bipolar.

In any case, now I'm in a bit of a bind. Apparently, according to my fiance, they involuntarily committed me for 5 days (which really surprises me since they didn't even ask for my signature first, and I was very coherant most of the time). The good thing is that my fiance and I managed to get me out after one night. Because all I really needed is sleep, which is the last thing you get in a psychiatric ward. And those sleeping meds don't do much good for me - peace and quiet help the most.

Well, the problem I'm facing is that they are saying I MUST call this phone number on Monday, which will once again force me into psychiatric circles and more misdiagnoses and meds I don't wnat to take. I told them more than once my sister has developed tardive dyskinesia, and they really don't care.

I'm tired of this, I'm tired of being treated like a sub-human! I'm tired of being bullied into doing things. And I'm really quite furious about how easily they can commit a person involuntarily in the state where I live. The rules are more stringent in other places I have lived. And I'm also not happy they went through my purse to find my insurance information, even though I was perfectly coherant enough to do that for them. I'm quite upset about a lot of things here.

But now I need to decide how to stand up for my rights. If I don't call this number they say I'm REQUIRED to call on Monday, if I decide not to see one of their psychiatrists, what are the consequences? I guess since they involuntarily committed me, I may not have a choice.

I would be willing to see an alternative psychiatrist, one that emphasizes counseling and not drugs, but I simply won't take a drug long term like Abilify that has already had serious side effects in my own family. I'm taking it for now, but I don't intend to take it indefinitely.

So please advise me on your thoughts.

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