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Hello there, my name is Crystal and I am eighteen years old. I have had an anxiety disorder w/ agoraphobia since I was fourteen. I am currently on 20mg of Lexapro and I take half a Clonzepam when needed, but the interesting thing about that is.. I hate pills. I'm iffy to take pain medication sometimes. No doubt, the pills make me feel a lot better and my anxiety has just been ridiculous lately but a long-term goal of mine is to eventually be able to take control of my life and my anxiety without medication. The reason I was put on meds is because I was afraid to leave the house and it was really effecting my school work, I graduated late because of it and I'm cautious about going all natural now because college starts soon and I really don't want to mess anything up for myself.

I was just wonder how those of you manage without taking meds, I would love to know and do more research on it. Once I feel completely and 110% ready, I plan to taper of my medication and take things on my own from there. But it's very important that I don't rush it, or I could be way worse off. I just want to know your ways of coping with anxiety or whatever else it may be to gain some ideas of how I can do it on my own. =)

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